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5 Ways You Can Help the Partner of Someone Struggling with Mental Illness

Their struggle affects their partner too.

For the second time in six months, my sweet wife was admitted into a behavioral center to help her control her suicidal thoughts. My heart aches for her. I know she’s safe there, but I can’t help but lie there at night — her side of the bed empty — pondering, worrying, and unable to fathom the intense battles she’s waging within her mind. In those long, late-night hours, I at least find comfort in knowing she’s surrounded by trained people, providing her treatment, watch, and care.

She’s gone for two weeks, but life at home must continue.

And that’s when my heart turns to the partners of those struggling with mental illness. Today I’m writing this article for them, the people on the other side of those startling numbers.

In actuality, I’m directing this article to two specific groups of people.

First, to those who have a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, loved one, or partner who is battling through mental illness: I see you. I know firsthand what it feels like. You too are suffering in your own way. Hopefully, this article contains some ideas and responses for you when someone asks the question:

Second, if your friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor is suffering from mental illness, don’t forget that their partner is waging a battle right alongside them. Life at home continues for their partner. Bills have to be paid, dishes need to be done, kids need to get dressed for school, and they still need to show up for work and deliver results for their employer.

In my recent (and frequent) conversations with friends, colleagues, and family throughout our family’s difficult time, something very troubling stood out to…

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