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Who Knew? Having Less Sex Linked to Earlier Menopause

Researchers conducted interviews with participants at age 45. On average, the women had two children, and nearly 80 percent were married or in a relationship. The women volunteered whether they had sex with their partner in the past six months, sex frequency (including intercourse, touching, or caressing), and whether the subject engaged in self-stimulation in the prior six months. Sixty-four percent reported weekly sexual activity.

While none of the participating women had entered menopause, nearly half (46 percent) were in early perimenopause. These women had begun to have menopausal symptoms such as changes in their menstrual cycles and hot flashes.

The researchers conducted interviews over ten years. Forty-five percent of the women had natural menopause, at an average age of 52 years. The scientists controlled for estrogen level, body mass index, education level, race, smoking habits, age at the first occurrence of menstruation, overall health, and age at the first study interview.

Here are the striking findings: Women who engage in sexual activity weekly or monthly have a lower risk of entering menopause early than those reporting some form of sex less than monthly.

Numerically, the more sexually active women were nearly one-third (28 percent) less likely to have experienced menopause at any given age. Women who had sex monthly were 19 percent less likely to experience menopause at any given age compared to those who had sex less than monthly.

“The findings of our study suggest that if a woman is not having sex, and there is no chance of pregnancy, then the body ‘chooses’ not to invest in ovulation, as it would be pointless. There may be a biological energy trade-off between investing energy into ovulation and investing elsewhere, such as keeping active by looking after grandchildren.

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