Between the Loss of Love and Life

Matchbox Quotes Day 48 [2018–02–25]. “Between the Loss of Love and Life” is published by johnronand in Scene & Heard (SNH).


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Humanizing the Employer Brand with HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Though there are currently an estimated 213 million companies worldwide, there are only a few companies job seekers would fight, if not kill, to get in. This is due to the employer brand, which is the company’s reputation and popularity amongst potential employees. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for the job when it’s from an employer brand that is actively maintained. Meanwhile, 84% of job seekers say the company’s reputation as an employer is important when deciding where to apply. But the pandemic and the Great Resignation has shattered several companies’ employer brand, uncovering the many flaws in these companies. But this can be fixed.

The analysis revealed a lack of motivation amongst employees to post about the company, often on social media sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. This was bringing down the employer brand of the company.

Subsequently, the company initiated a social media campaign encouraging its workforce to talk about the company on social platforms. The data-driven campaign initially focused on social events and later included other topics like overall experience and company-led campaigns. It welcomed posts, comments, and suggestions of all nature, be it positive or negative, boosting its employer brand created by its honestly happy employees.

The initiative featured a “How to Be a Digital Industrial Brand Ambassador” curriculum that also taught its employees how to improve their public personas. They displayed faith in their staff while also gaining vital knowledge about what content truly engages on social. Eventually, they were able to boot their employer brand and attract more talents from across the world.

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