Turning 50

I went from being a minimalist with no apartment and only 15 possessions to renting an apartment and buying furniture (although…a minimal amount). I bought part of a standup comedy club (Standup NY)…


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Big Iron

Big Iron is the largest farm show around North Dakota. Within this show, there are many vendors and activities that are all related to agriculture. These vendors range everywhere from large equipment all the way down to food products. Overall Big Iron is a great show for people of all ages, and his highly recommended to attend.

Our reason for attending this wonderful Ag Show was to better ourselves with Ag communication skills, as that is what we were working on in class. It was a lot of fun getting to walk around and talk to a bunch of people about their carreers and how they effect the ag industry. We went as sophomores two years ago, and it was fun then. However after missing a year due to the pandemic, it was good to go back as seniors and realize how much our communication skills have improves.

My favorite part of Big Iron was test driving the 2021 Duramax. They had a nice little obstacle course set up that we drive through. The course condisted of hills, holes, wood climbing, and a straight away to floor it. I was really amazed at how many different cameras were on that pickup. there is not one inch of that pickup you couldn’t see.

Overall I highly recommend everyone to try out Big Iron. It’s a fun filled day of all things agriculture. Even if you aren’t interested in ag, walk around and get free stuff like candy, coozees, and pens.

Oh, and there is a whole food court with food trucks.

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