A Photo a Day 136

Whose prints these are I think I know. “A Photo a Day 136” is published by The Solitary Cook.


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The eternity of things we see, is coming through my eyes, I can feel you, I remember the things being around you when you turn yourself and start looking at me, like there’s no ending in this story, you can fly when I write you weird things but I’m not sure if I should be worried about you ,because you’ve been so high all this time. Everytime I try to ask for obvious things because I’ve lost the distance between me and reality. That’s why I write you, I’m only, typing plastic square shaped things to bring you in some way, my feelings, there are so many feelings, always. And it gets worse, triggered by the uncertainty of your words and your intentions, I fell in love, weird, psychotic thing. I should stop right now but I can’t find the way to disguise my excesive curiousity. You are the window of the wisdom, and we’ve been crossing a million of them, I’m not lying, I couldn’t lie to you, because you know that I love you, that unreasonable stupid conclusion which shapes more the weakness of my power to hold you in my hands. I’m not meant to have the answers but some good questions for you, because the understanding of the infinity is not an endowment that’s been given to us, that’s our nature. We force ourselves to drive our ego up high where nobody can touch it and break it into pieces. We are fragile and advanced learning machines trying to discern the patterns of data required to live, to move in the right way. We spend thousands of seconds thinking about nothing else than what we can see, we are some kind of programmed to be passive elements of a gaming system. A game is the reality, a game is the abstract definition of life because a game is about decisions and time at once. The game is clear but complex so we can choose the level of understanding we want to spend, if we are fearless we are going to tend to discover unseen things because life itself, the game, has been not solved, the end of this game is to understand how it works, and seems to be evident through our eyes, in every piece of reality, everything moving randomly, apparently. Our work is to play the game, to choose a path, choose a team, or a cause. I don’t know why I started to say this to you, but I’m so affected, is not just a piece of information, it’s the whole, what matters.

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