The Future of Decentralised Exchanges

Centralised exchanges (CEXs) are essentially in breach of the foundational principle and the promise that blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer. Perhaps technical infancy of the blockchain project…


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The truth about poetry

There are many forms of literature that can have a positive impact on one’s life. However, there are none like poetry. Poetry is a form of literature, both classical and modern, that is quite beneficial to read or write. This is due to the many benefits it offers to our mental and emotional health as well as stimulation of one of the most important organs in the human body, the brain. Those who dare to tinker with poetry often find themselves reaping its rewards. This doesn’t come across to most as an easy decision so allow me to answer one of the most confusing questions of the century, why get involved with poetry?

First of all, poetry is relaxing for the human body in times of stress and worry. Poetry, put simply, is merely just writing a few words of expression and emotion onto a piece of paper. This means that more energy can be used to make the words come to life. Ironically, the readers of the poem will also have to think very hard and focus to fully understand the message, emotion and more that the poet is trying to express. Thu-Huong Ha, author of the article ‘What happens when we read poetry,’ also believes this. This is exemplified when she says,’ in so many ways poetry is the opposite of work.’ Poetry shouldn’t be confusing or a form of labour and is a fun and enjoyable pastime which anyone can get involved with.

In addition, poetry makes one more empathetic. According to Amy Glynn, author of the article ‘Why Read Poetry? Because It can make you more empathetic, ‘states that poetry is only viewed by two types of people, poets and a select few of everyday people. Poets tend to be very empathetic when reading other poems as they themselves know what it’s like to write both amazing and terrible poems. They also have a greater understanding of the emotions and thoughts of a poet which makes them even more empathetic. The select few that read poetry tend to develop this characteristic of being empathetic as well according to Amy Glynn’s own research. In fact, they themselves almost turn into those poets and, in turn, have a greater appreciation for the art. Famous poet W.H. Auden also said in a poem that poetry ‘survives in the valley of its making.’ This quote briefly talks about how poetry may not live for a long but will definitely allow the voice of the poet to survive. The voice that enabled them to express their feelings and more in the form of literature for everyone else to see.

A picture of the famous poet W.H. Auden

Even though many people are in agreement that poetry is beneficial for all, others believe that poetry is simply boring. This is true in most cases, especially when the specific poem isn’t understood by the certain audience. Also, even if the poem is understood, the poems that are offered to many aren’t quite to their expectations in regard to quality. Most of the time, people have difficulty overcoming this problem with poetry and they can’t be blamed. Poet Kwame Dawes, author of the article ‘Sometimes it is just boring,’ states that ‘if you are boring or dull, you better see things in a not so boring and dull way.’ This quote emphasises the possibility that poets, who are boring, should try to not make boring or dull poems but rather interesting ones. He insists that they change their attitude towards their poem and make it less dull and boring. These are bold words coming from someone who is a poet themselves. Even Poet Doyen Lingua says in one of her poems that most poetry,’[has] a vapid line in every line and [is] predictable.’ This shows that even poets have been subjected to boredom due to bad poetry which makes up most of the poetry that everyday people read.

A picture of Kwame Dawes

Poetry is both beneficial and terrible, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Poetry is relaxing for the human body in times of stress and worry and poetry makes one more empathetic. These are just two points in an abundance of reasons. Poetry isn’t for everyone but those who do enjoy it normally are offered many benefits which affect their lives in many positive ways. They express their ideas in better ways and also become well-rounded, empathetic people. Overall, poetry is great fun!


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